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Maybe 2016 just isn’t the year for Establishment RiNO Politics…? Maybe too many people remember Christie appointing a Muslin judge, – and hugging Obama, …and what New Jersey did to Philadelphia nurse Shaneen Allen….

As if scripted in cooperation with ABC News, Chris Christie lit into Pretty Boy Rubio for his inexperience and missed senate votes,  “…that’s not leadership, – that’s truancy!”  Marco was stunned – like a deer in the headlights. Then Marco made it worse,  reciting the same attack on Obama – 4 times,  – even as Christie […]

For over 100 years,  Democrats have been mastering the fine art of controlling both who votes – and which ballots get counted.  Suddenly – Hillary Clinton sees a problem? In several recent speeches she’s attacked Republicans – including Governors Gary Abbott in Texas and Chris Christie in New Jersey – accusing them of denying voting opportunity […]

Philadelphia nurse Shaneen Allen was never an imposing or threatening person. That’s why she was twice targeted for a mugging. After the last time, she got herself a handgun license – and a tiny handgun to keep in her purse. A week later she drove over the bridge into New Jersey… And got stopped for […]

Whom The Gods Would Destroy…

January 22nd, 2014

                    …they shall first elevate! Three rising political stars suddenly find themselves caught up in controversy, lies, and even criminal investigations.  It cuts across party lines.  Some may be essentially unfair, – some are self-inflicted.  The Court of Public Opinion can be much harsher than a jury of your peers…

Chris Christie Feeding Frenzy

January 13th, 2014

Democrats are SO afraid of Governor Christie,  they want to impeach him now,  – so Hillary never has to face him in a debate. And the Media – hungry and desperate for a story – will cover this not-too-far-from-NYC story because they don’t have to worry about being killed – like Andrew Breitbart.

In a press conference today – with lawsuits and criminal charges lurking in the background – NJ Governor Chris Christie shows a lot of character – gives blunt answers, – covers the timeline, and takes responsibility for the actions of subordinates – and fires one of them – Dep Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly […]

Who The Hell Is Kim Guadagno?

November 7th, 2013

If you can’t answer – blame the National Media – aka the  Progressive Propaganda Machine. But you do know Chris Christie and Terry McAuliffe? Starting yesterday the media was all atwitter with projections about what Tuesday’s election results mean for the 2014 mid-terms and for who will replace Obama come November 2016. So how come […]

CPAC: “Owned” By RiNOs?

March 16th, 2013

Today’s Herald headline was hard to swallow… “Healing moment” my ass,…er my RiNO! Were they that desperate for speakers to fill the schedule?

Artur Davis – Former Democratic Congresman from Alabama – seconded Obama’s nomination in 2008.  Now he’s a Republican calling for his ouster!  Ann Romney was gracious, strong, determined, and frankly – lovely.  NJ Gov Chris Christie was vintage Christie – cleaned up a tad for family viewing. I loved the commercials that ran between speakers.  […]