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China Joe Will Sell Us Out Monday

November 14th, 2021

pResident Shitty Pants – fresh from his unilateral surrender in Afghanistan,  will be holding a ‘virtual conference’ with China’s Xi Jinping on Monday, Nov 15th.  Essentially,  Biden will be getting his marching orders.  With their hand-picked dementia patient installed in the Oval Office, – and a whore waiting in the wings to take over,  – […]

China launched their brand-new destroyer yesterday – and by any measure it’s a monster. Give them three or four more years and they WILL challenge us in the Western Pacific,…and we’re paying for it with our trade imbalance.

A Ship Launch Worth Noting

April 27th, 2017

China launched their very own home-built aircraft carrier Wednesday.  It is an event you should take note of.  Things are changing rapidly in the Far Pacific,  and your grand kids may end up fighting there. This is China’s first venture into building a blue-water navy.  Their other carrier – the Liaoning – was bought as […]

It’s a blatant act of WAR,  – they’ve sized up our FRAUD,  – and they’re DARING him to do something. He’ll play another round of golf in Hawaii.

What the hell are they after on Subi Reef?   This morning they’re pissing themselves,  – saying that a US destroyer sailed through their territorial waters….  Really?  580 miles from China?  Vietnam and the Philippines are closer… Why is China acting like a schoolyard bully?

While you slept – our National Village Idiot was holding delicate meetings with the VP and President of Red China – trying to defuse a likely shooting war – over worthless rocks. Try to remember back to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver – where upstart Presidential contender Obama picked “Wise Old Joe Biden” […]

The news and my friends are abuzz with the video of what some say is a missile launch 36 miles west of Los Angeles Monday evening.  My short answer – in the tradition of Mark Twain is: “I don’t know!”  The Pentagon is officially puzzled, and some are trying to say it was the contrail […]