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Snarly Town Hall Debate

October 16th, 2012

Obama came out snarling and lying. Mitt remained a [frustrated] gentleman. Few direct answers to mostly pro-democrat questions.  ABC blanked Obama’s screen when Mitt was talking about Fast & Furious. If Obama wanted to re-energize his flagging base, he probably succeeded, but he made no new friends.  Mitt made new friends.  Again he looked more […]

Things have really gone downhill – ever since his bombastic ‘Rock Star‘ speech in Berlin. How much worse will it get before we’ve dumped him? The ‘Obama Charm’ hasn’t worked any miracles or softened any hearts. The image of a 21st Century ‘Messiah’ has come up short against 21st Century reality – and we are […]

Biden Kowtows To Red Chinese

August 24th, 2011

   Our Village Idiot is a most willing clown. America’s #2 Public Humiliation – Vice President Joe Biden – flew to China to reassure them that ~ somehow ~ we’ll tax enough billionaires to ~ someday ~ pay back all the money they’ve lent us. The Chinese used this willing fool to full advantage.  He […]

Worried about all the US $$ in Chinese hands? Not to worry America – the Chinese are starting to ship it back. Oops, they’re coming with it. They’re starting to buy America. Ever heard of a ‘self-sustaining city’?

You just know that North Korean Border Guard who shot four Chinese crossing into North Korea will be severely punished.  He only killed three of them.  Hey Meester Obama, – could we maybe rent a division of NorKs to guard our Mexican border?  I bet the Chia-Gnome would give you a good deal!  I mean, […]

Your New Chinese Volvo

March 30th, 2010

 Been waiting for the price of a new Volvo to go down a bit?  Wondered if quality may have suffered since Ford bought them?  Fear not,  now your new Volvo will be Chinese-made! 

Obama just completed a big trip to the Orient – including a couple of days in Red China. There are several reasons why you may not have noticed Obama’s departure – or his very low-key return.

What did Obama have to offer the Chinese – except more shaky US bonds? Maybe I-Pods loaded with his speeches?

We have an ever-widening rust belt running through the heart of our once-powerful country, – and Obama’s only vision is to borrow more to spend more – to further drive us into bankruptcy – so that he can fulfill his 19th Century world socialist vision. The Chinese have an $800 Billion investment – in his failure! He returned a visibly weakened puppet president.

Big Big Trouble For Obama!

October 15th, 2009

Every terrorist group has unseen outside help. I see Vladimir Putin’s fingerprints all over this situation, – payback for our helping the Mujahideen kick the Red Army out of Afghanistan, and the best way to keep US eyes and resources focused away from Russia.

Obama couldn’t care less. He’s about to collect his Nobel Peace Prize, give another world-turning speech, and then complete the destruction of American Capitalism. Like another world socialist seventy years ago, – he thinks he has a secret pact with Putin, and probably believes he can deal with him in a few years. Here we see a chess game between two totally narcissist would-be despots. Believe me, Putin is by far the stronger, wiser and more ruthless player. He’s not trying to tear his country apart!