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Any nation on the Planet – expecting China Joe and his cabal of globalist kleptocrats and cowards to live up to US treaty obligations,  has failed to grasp the awful reality. Just look at Afghanistan – or our own Southern Border….

China Joe Will Sell Us Out Monday

November 14th, 2021

pResident Shitty Pants – fresh from his unilateral surrender in Afghanistan,  will be holding a ‘virtual conference’ with China’s Xi Jinping on Monday, Nov 15th.  Essentially,  Biden will be getting his marching orders.  With their hand-picked dementia patient installed in the Oval Office, – and a whore waiting in the wings to take over,  – […]

Sort of destroys his ‘tough guy’ self-image…  What drugs is he taking for his dementia?  Time for retirement to Walter Reed?

Both the Pope and Biden believe that ‘Climate Change’ provides plausible cover for wealth redistribution. 

CNN suck-up Anderson Cooper hosted a “Town Hall” for Biden in Baltimore Thursday night;  – and asked him if police and firefighters who refuse the vaccine should be fired.   Biden quickly answered “YES!” This is the same China Joe Biden who claimed for decades to have a “special place in his heart for firefighters”,  – […]

Across the land – as governor after governor – mayor after mayor dictate that their employees be vaccinated – or be fired,  – we suddenly see clearly why union teachers in our public schools have for these past 40+ years failed to teach anything about the US Constitution.

He came to Hartford to sell the concept that day care is “infrastructure”,  but he needed a sniff and a feel.  This man should not be let near children. Mind you,  – he has yet to meet his own  grandchild – born in August 2018 in Arkansas that crackhead son Hunter fathered (and denied) with […]