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Do you ~ suppose ~ these union guys really liked Trump’s economic and energy independence programs, – way better than the bullshit the Dementia Patient was trying to sell?

Mad Emperor China Joe….

June 27th, 2021

Like the sands through the hourglass – these are his final days…

Democrats are happy.  They ~ think ~ Biden will finish Obama’s work and reverse all of Trump’s good deeds and patriotic ideas.  They ~ think ~ we’re headed to World Government….

Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  Watch as Biden gets up and dodders off like a patient in a nursing home,  – before Jill rescues him. Watch the video twice or three times.   Note that the Europeans are laughing at Biden,  – they have no respect for him.  They know he is a dementia patient being hand-led by Jill […]

In government since 1971, has Biden grown smarter,  – or just more crooked?  Is he even capable of dealing with the 21st Century threats coming at us…? Ken Olsen – founder of DEC, – once asked:  “Why would anybody want a computer at home?”   DEC no longer exists.

He doesn’t understand the technology,  – is too corrupt to care,  – is surrounded by commies and crooks,  – despises Republicans,  – and will sign away our Freedoms and our Security for 30 pieces of silver…and a photo-op.