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Army Major Gets New Uniforms

February 10th, 2021

We are sickened to report this….. How ODD: same FBI – essentially same crime;  – such different outcomes?

No matter who wins on Tuesday, – Americans will surely be sickened by things that the NYPD and the FBI end up revealing over these coming weeks and months. For Weiner, Abedin, and the Clintons – even a Presidential Pardon from Obama may not save them from Felony Charges in NY City. There are three […]

…and they STILL* won’t say what they were there for…? Homeland Security and local SWAT Teams staged a massive show-of-force in tiny Livingston, Illinois [pop 850] Thursday,…claiming it was “all just back-up” for a raid on a farmhouse a few miles away. Mind you, such federal assets are NOT being used to secure our Southern […]

When Good People Turn Evil

November 21st, 2012

Was Attorney Lisa Biron ever ‘a good person‘? Who saw this one coming?  NH Attorney Lisa Biron – active in anti-gay, pro-life, and pro-marriage causes, gets arrested in the courtroom    – for a series of crimes including transporting a teenage girl to Canada [the Mann Act], inducing her to perform sex acts on camera, […]

File this one away under sad, sick, and incredible irony. I take no joy in posting it.   In a highly unusual move the Secretary of the Navy has stripped the Silver Star from former Navy Captain and later DepAsstSecNAV Wade Sanders.   You can’t quite place the name? He was the ‘war hero‘ who […]