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Again Folks,  if you think Chicago’s Sunday morning looting spree was about ‘race’ – or ‘Black Lives’,  – you’ve bought and swallowed the George Soros propaganda like a willing stooge. Growing up in Chicago,  Latrell and his brothers had many opportunities to avail themselves of educational and work opportunities.  They should have finished high school […]

First they blackmailed business and politicians,  then they pulled down statues and burned buildings;  – now they want the History books rewritten… What will these fools want next – segregated all-Black schools? Using the cover of “SYSTEMIC RACISM”, militant and evil Blacks will be demanding things like this in your local school system. Be prepared […]

“All we saw was bodies just laying everywhere.  They were shot up everywhere.” UPDATED:  2 VIDEOS:

And now this in from the Third World:  Chicago’s newly elected Mayor Lori Lightfoot has had enough of her Police Chief.  Chief Eddie Johnson was found asleep behind the wheel at a stop sign the night of October 16th. Johnson had been appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel back in March 2016, – and was planning […]

Chicago drops the hoax charges!   Unclear if the Feds will drop their mail-fraud charges too…. Guess it helps to be a ‘celebrity’…?  And have Michelle Obama ask for the FBI (the Obama FBI) to look at the case…?

Sept body count:  6 killed (5 by gunshot) / 20 wounded. August score:     53 killed / 358 shot. As bodies pile up around his feet,  Obama’s smart-ass operative,  – who has been Mayor of Chicago since 2011,  – is NOT running for re-election in Feb 2019.  With his sanctuary city and anti-police policies,  Emanuel has […]

Obama buddy “Father” Michael Pfleger is an avowed commie,  – and today he tested his ability to stop interstate traffic.  Commie Mayor Rahm Emanuel (runs a ‘Sanctuary City’) let him get away with it. In Pfleger’s twisted logic,  – the City should be providing JOBS to Black People,  – as a way to stop the […]

Thumbing his nose at President Trump may come back to bite Mayor Rahm Emanuel – maybe when Chicago is buried this winter. Meanwhile Emanuel probably feels like a ‘Big Man’ taking this posture.

Shana Poohpooh Latrice posted something pretty stupid on Facebook – and the immediate public reaction it caused got her fired. OK, the Brookfield Zoo fired her, – but who taught her to hate white people?  She is the product of the Chicago School System. Who led her to believe that Facebook is private?

Principal warns kids not to hang around – six (6) nearby shootings in last 48 hours. REMEMBER:  Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation! Mayor Rahm Emanuel is a personal friend of Obama. And the White House says…?