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If they were White kids being shot – would the Liberal Media start to care?

The weekend before (16-17 May) 6 Dead / 32 Wounded… OF COURSE you’ll hear Democrat politicians pissing,  moaning,  and wetting their pants about “Gun Violence”.  But the GUNS aren’t walking around shooting themselves off;  – young Black and Hispanic men are carrying those guns,  – and shooting each other. Just how cheap have Democrats made […]

Black resident: “Obama will go down as the Worst President Ever!” So far this July – 120 Chicago residents have been shot, – and 26 killed – the month is less than half over…. These folks – who all voted for Obama – TWICE [at least…] – aren’t happy with his focus on immigrants.

500 murders this year and Reverend Jackson cannot explain what good Chicago’s very strict gun laws do. CAUTION: Painful to watch. NOTE: His solution for Chicago is to have Obama come…[another photo-op].