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Good people – those who live by the 10 Commandments,  by a Code of Honor,  – and who take their Oaths of Office seriously,  – often have difficulty understanding the depths of evil that exist in certain other people. In the case of Federal Judge Lamberth,  even he underestimated the level of corruption in BOTH the […]

Damn,  do you think NBC has seen Hillary’s Death Certificate?   They’re suddenly joining Senator Gillibrand in flinging her under the bus! There are TWO (2) key stories in this post:  (1). that Hillary and her State Department Posse covered up pedophilia,  and (2). the Media is turning on their ‘Beloved First Woman President‘!  Video below […]

A quirk of fate may yet land Hillary and her cartel members in federal prison! For sure when Obama appointed Amit Mehta as U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia in 2014,  – he gave no thought to the Judge’s legal viewpoints or ethics.  He was simply looking at color, race, and ethnicity. He […]

…and Bill’s penis,  and Chelsea,  and the World Initiative,  and Whitewater,  and Benghazi,  and Vince Foster,  and Paula Jones,  and Gennifer Flowers,  and Travelgate,  and Juanita Broaddrick,  and Monica Lewinsky,  and those Saudi Arabian millions…. …and the Emails,  – and Cheryl Mills,  – and Huma Abedin,  – and a thoroughly documented history of lying….

When the FBI is questioning you,  – walking out of the interview ~ may ~ tend to indicate a DEEP LEVEL of GUILTY KNOWLEDGE.   Cheryl Mills is a lawyer – she KNOWS the definition of “accessory after the fact”… Now Cheryl and her attorney – DC power lawyer Beth Wilkinson – have walked out of […]

Is Hillary’s Life In Danger?

September 22nd, 2015

Vince Foster, Ron Brown, and 40+ others, – died to protect the Clinton Cartel.   Now is it Hillary’s turn to take a bullet for Obama? Her loyal army of graying dowager ‘we-want-a-woman’ followers never bothered to see or hear the truth. With October 22nd closing in,  and her poll numbers tanking,  do Soros and Obama […]

When you were a kid your parents warned you: “You’ll be judged by the company you keep!” These traitors all keep very bad company.  They’ve been expecting to be rewarded with important White House jobs in Hillary’s Administration.  So they’ve been covering her tracks – now despite Judge Sullivan’s orders.

Huma Abedin – getting ‘paid’ by the Clinton Campaign – $69,263.oo PER Quarter! I guess Hillary’s Arab donors want to insure she stays on message?