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Breaking:  – analysis of the secret emails – indicates that Hillary and her key career guardians – Cheryl Mills and Phil Reines – were maneuvering, lying, covering up, and thwarting rescue efforts, – all to protect ‘their future First Woman President’. UNDERSTANDING THE BENGHAZI ATTACK:

Forgivable Blackberry blunder?  Or criminal enterprise?   Generational ineptitude,…or sheer Clintonian arrogance? What was she trying to hide – from who?  Was she secretly moving vast sums of money?

Oh, $ay it i$n’t $o! $100 Million missing / unaccounted for from the IHRC [Interim Haitian Recovery Commission] – overseen by Bill Clinton – reporting to $ec$tate Hillary Clinton? And her infamous Chief of $taff [from the Benghazi cover-up] Cheryl D. Mills traveled to Haiti 30 times…?  Let’s see…