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Her heap mad at’um Trump;  but ignore’um RRB! She continues to piss and moan about being mocked as a hypocrite;  – when a simple DNA test could end the controversy…. When Loco Squaw take’um test…?

Welcome to the Clinton’s Trail of Tears you lying box-checking fraud! Imagine!  This fat-headed upstart know-it-all liar really thought she was qualified to instantly become President…?     Shudder!

Funny,  back in June 2012 when her ‘Cherokee Relatives’ came from Oklahoma to meet her at the MassDem Convention in Springfield,…she refused to meet with them…. But now she’s all fired up – on the warpath – to defend her Indian Tribal Honor…? Seems like a self-inflicted tomahawk blow to me….

I asked a stadium full of folks to join me.

The WBZ Brown-Warren Non-Debate

September 21st, 2012

It wasn’t worth an hour of my life. Both candidates spoke past the other – past moderator Jon Keller – directly to the undecided voters.  Brown hit Warren on her dishonesty [Cherokee claims] and she again doubled-down on ‘Family Lore’.   She began every sentence with “So, …so,…so,…so…” Scott proved himself a RiNO, – she proved […]

Trail Of Tears? Tail Of Lies?

September 9th, 2012

Now even Mass State Senator Katherine Clark of Melrose has withdrawn support. Too bad we can’t see all of Obama’s papers and records too….

Running Scared!

June 9th, 2012

Princess ‘High Cheekbones‘ Warren went to Rhode Island Friday to continue her campaign for the US Senate seat from Massachusetts.  Watch her run from reporters – as her young staffers try to block camera shots. No wonder Obama picked her to be his rubber stamp. Is this somebody ready to stand up and fight for YOUR […]

The Pocahontas Stonewall

May 24th, 2012

Observe a distinguished [minority] graduate of the Axelrod School of Political Stonewalling deliver a defense of her thesis. Now just imagine six years of non-answers from this ‘1/32nd Squaw’. Who wants six (6) years of THIS?  Failure to admit or own up to blunders is a commonly observed left-winger trait. So is deflecting blame onto […]