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We gotta ask,  – from where the seed money? Chinese? Arabs? Haitians? Ukrainians? Moscow? She’s the child of crooks,  – married into a crooked family;  – what could go wrong with your start-up company if you get funding from her?  Webb Hubbell must be mighty proud…

Nita Sue Melnikoff Lowey will retire in Jan 2021 after 32 years in Congress.  She’ll be 83.  She ~ almost ~ ran for the Senate in 2000, – but stepped (was pushed) aside for Hillary.  Now she’s being pushed again,  – by Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Mezvinsky. It doesn’t bode well for the 17th District,  – […]

Credits Roe v. Wade with adding $3.5 Trillion to the US Economy. Gee Chelsea – at those prices – what was each dead baby worth? She is as thoroughly evil as her parents.

Greg Hunter Connects The Dots

January 7th, 2018

We can only hope that he’s at least 20% correct! Folks,  since you won’t be watching any NFL games today,  – grab a beverage and take the 42 minutes to watch this video.   It will clear up a LOT of issues for you,  – and alert you to watch for certain events in 2018.  The […]

Are DNA Tests In Order?

October 28th, 2016

Lots of kids grow up not knowing – or not for sure,  – who their daddies are.   Some care,  – others just know the parents raising them love them,  – and that’s enough. But certainly young Danny Williams is entitled to know.  Chelsea may not care;  – after all,  – she’s IN the Cartel.

Why Is Chelsea Clinton Worried?

October 10th, 2016

Sometimes a question is just THERE  – staring you in the FACE!   War and (Arkansas) politics make…strange bedfellows…? After 8 long years of wondering who Obama’s real father is,…shouldn’t we get some DNA results before this goes any further? Gee,…do you suppose…Vince Foster took the fall…for Webb Hubbell…?

I bet even Jesse Jackson does better than 10%…. How in HELL do you “omit” 1,100 donors?

Clinton Global Initiative to continue accepting foreign donations,…because… …Bill and Hillary are so much better at spending other peoples’ money…? And why shouldn’t foreign governments be able to buy influence and access….?