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Thad Cochran – 41 years on the Federal Payroll, Charlie Rangel – 47 years on the NY State & Federal Payrolls both won their Primary elections last night. We lost! Cochran used a racist anti-TEA Party robo-call to Black Democrats;  Rangel used Black fears of Hispanic encroachment in his district to squeak out a win. […]

The Face Of A Bully

May 17th, 2013

Yes, we’ve all felt in recent years that the IRS was out of control.  Sure, some of it is because they have to enforce convoluted laws written by Congress – tax cheat Charlie Rangel to be specific. But some of it is because many IRS agents have come to live in a semi-isolated world of […]

OK, maybe it’s a stretch, but do you suppose these guys are actually related? Chuck Turner of Boston and Charlie Rangel of NYC

Forty (40) years in Congress, and now the beginning of the end!  

Niki Tsongas Running Scared

March 2nd, 2010

There was a Tsongas sighting – briefly – in Acton Mass last night.   Of course I went there to protest her policies and be a little in her face.  The whole thing kept me laughing for 2+ hours. 

The Sad Case Of PFC Rangel

October 8th, 2009

So now as one of the most senior and highly visible black members of Congress, Charlie hangs like a dead albatross around Nancy Pelosi’s neck.