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Kerry has always been a sarcastic self-absorbed treasonous turd…. …the kind that always floats,  – even after you flush… It’s a contest – to see who can embarrass us most – Obama or Kerry…

Charlie Hebdo Remains Defiant!

January 13th, 2015

Who knew?  The French with more courage than an American president? Gee, maybe our pResident isn’t ‘American‘ after all…? Charlie Hebdo releases it’s new issue Wednesday, – defiantly picturing Mohammed apologizing for the massacre.  Of CURSE it will piss off the radicals;  – ANY attempt to picture their caravan raiding pedophile* is considered blasphemy. If […]

Nous Sommes Tous Charlie!

January 7th, 2015

Islam will die out.   Freedom never will!!

At ANY time in the process the subject can agree to talk…. Ultimate Irony:

BREAKING: 12 now dead in the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo a satirical anti-Muslim magazine famous for publishing articles and cartoons dumbed down so even semi-literate Muslims can understand the insults. Details sketchy thus far – but two bearded men – dressed in black – armed with AK-47s [and maybe a rocket launcher?] attacked – […]