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The evil legacy of Dylann Storm Roof is aided and abetted by knee-jerk liberals. By his own admission Dylann is a hate-filled sociopath.  He murdered 9 Black people in a Bible study class in Charleston SC on Wednesday evening June 17th 2015.  American Black activists joined slavishly by American Liberals immediately over-reacted.

While we grieve and sympathize with their murders,…does this seem unreal?   Crime Victim Assistance?  $29 Million Dollars?

If you haven’t heard hate speech in awhile,  the video [below the fold] of Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz stirring up racial hatred and encouraging murder in Charleston today should be a wake-up call. He is as evil as any ISIS beheader. In the video he refers to the ‘unfinished work’ of Denmark Vesey […]

Once again Ted thwarts an attempt at ambush journalism! This is going to be very frustrating for the Left Wing News Hacks;  Ted actually knows our Constitution and believes in it!   AND, he can think on his feet without a teleprompter.

It speaks volumes when a 12-year old kid – about to enter the 8th Grade  – has more common sense,  – more dignity,  – and more patriotism than that socialist fraud sitting in the White House. Keep up the fire C. J.!  You’ll be eligible to run for President yourself in 2040, and you’ll make […]