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Them what lives in glass houses….. The Democrat’s smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore is harvesting unintended collateral damage…..

Tubby Ted – aka “The Swimmer” – is dead, as are many of the cursed Kennedy clan – and now Mark Ciardi is about to make the movie – “Chappaquiddick”. Mark has 10 movies to his credit as a director – 4 as an actor.

America’s First Crack pResident appears in Boston today at the dedication of the Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Swimmer Institute.  He will present the “Swimming Against The Tide” award – posthumously – Thank God! It is only fitting that the man with so much blood on his hands honors the swimmer who couldn’t remember Mary Jo’s last […]

Hello Americans! From the People’s Republic of Mass-a-TWO-Shits I am proud to report that ~ just maybe ~ our liberation is at hand.  It is certainly within the hands of our Voters on Tuesday.  Ever so slowly Freedom of Speech has crept back over the course of this Special Election.  Folks are finding the courage […]

My Memories Of Ted Kennedy

August 26th, 2009

So the youngest and least worthy of Joe’s privileged sons is finally gone to meet his maker. Liberals will lament the loss of their “Liberal Lion”,  while I remember a young pregnant star-struck girl  trapped and drowning in his car. Am I heartless and unfeeling?  Or am I still remembering Chappaquiddick, – and Ted’s entire […]