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California’s left-wing Governor Newsom has set March 3rd as the Special Election for a new 25th District Congress Critter,  – to replace the sexually over-active Katie Hill.   Knowing voters were easily fooled by a pretty face in 2018,  Assemblywoman Christy Smith has filed papers.  So has Cenk Uygur – who doesn’t even live in the […]

As in Russia, Italy, Germany, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, and Venezuela, – – when evil people attempt to take over a country,  – you don’t always know who is really calling the shots….until it’s too late! It’s time to consider what’s REALLY happening as AOC monopolizes headlines and TV time…. video

MSNBC’s new prime-time poverty pimp blows a gasket when a caller to his radio show calls him out for not telling the whole truth.  I’m sure this is exactly what Comcast/NBC had in mind when they hired the Reverend for their prime-time TV slot.