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It’s tough not to admire the courage of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. While some of her past cases have come with controversy,  – she did get the Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  – she put Whitey Bulger away,  and now she’s rounding up MS-13 – the most dangerous street gang in the Western Hemisphere.

The Unethical Acorn didn’t fall very far from the Rotting Tree! US Attorney Carmen Ortiz,  – fresh off her victory of getting a Massachusetts jury to give the Death Penalty to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, – has charged young Timmy with witness tampering.

…about this Republican Charlie Baker,…and his sweet NJ deal…” You couldn’t time it much better…. The ever-suicidal MassGOP will convene a meeting of it’s executive committee this weekend [probably by phone] with the expressed purpose of having said Executive Committee endorse Charlie Baker – even though Mark Fisher will be on the Primary Election Ballot. […]

It’s not often you’ll see us defending a Democrat!   In a world of political backroom deals and wink-and-nod ‘I don’t see anything’ – Mrs. Ortiz has ruthlessly gone after the scum and the crooks that Martha Coakley ignored.   But US Attorney Carmen Ortiz is unfairly under attack from liberals and young know-it-alls who […]