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In a move signaling his utter frustration and desperation – ‘Conservative Icon’ Ted Cruz announces his pick of Running Mate – Planned Parenthood supporter Carly Fiorina. There is a reason presidential campaigns last a year,  – it gives time to expose strengths,  weaknesses,  and any skeletons hiding in the past,…except back in 2008 when this […]

RiNO Alert: Carly Fiorina

October 5th, 2015

I see this as a self-inflicted wound….  AND,…if it came true,…would leave us with Governor Polito….  Why not include Chocolate Pants?

Imagine!  A woman candidate – attractive – conservative – self-made – – without Bill Clinton’s baggage of conquests and trollops, – and no trail of dead Americans in her wake… JUST IMAGINE…this woman candidate gives clear, straightforward, unambiguous, and totally knowledgeable answers….and she calls ’em like she sees ’em…