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A once-rising star of the Subversive Party,  – then a candidate for Mayor of NYC,  – this twisted turd was married to a Muslim by Bill Clinton…. Anybody want to bet he’ll “commit suicide” before Nov 6th?

National security requires that two things happen immediately: ONE:   Huma Abedin be denied access to ALL Classified Briefings, …and TWO: Hillary DROP HER from her Campaign Team! If Hillary fails to dump this Muslim Brotherhood insider,  – it is a clear signal that Hillary herself cannot be trusted with National Secrets!   The so-called ‘Smartest Woman in […]

Huma Abedin – daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood – married to a Jewish sex pervert, – and inseparable aide to Hillary Clinton takes voter trolling to a new depth…. Remember Folks – the Clintons do NOTHING that isn’t planned and in some cases – rehearsed. Brace yourselves:

Huma Abedin – getting ‘paid’ by the Clinton Campaign – $69,263.oo PER Quarter! I guess Hillary’s Arab donors want to insure she stays on message?

“Carlos Danger” Gets Just 4.9%

September 11th, 2013

And his favorite porn star comes to tell him to quit politics!  Anthony Weiner [former Democratic Congressman] got just 4.9% of the primary vote for NY City Mayor. Then Porn Star Sydney Leathers popped in to his event to show off her new implants – and tell him to get out of politics.   Weiner’s Muslim wife […]