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The Boston Herald must be bent on keeping Conservatives bound,  gagged,  and stuffed in a locked closet.   Why else would they be touting Romney – after 2012? Mitt Romney is [mostly] a Gentleman, – a keen business strategist,  – and a humble and adoring father and grandfather.  He’s NOT a leader or a commander, – […]

Debate Predictions

October 16th, 2012

Obama Obama will smile a lot and try to empathize with the questioner, but will always skirt the issue and try to put something negative that he’s done in a positive light. Or he will just lie to the same end. He’s try to cast Romney as out of touch… and I think he’ll try […]

David Plouffe – Obama’s quasi-gay Senior Advisor [aka sound bite-meister] suddenly gets a hard interview from CNN’s Candy Crowley. Listen to his rapid-fire lying answers. MoonBats will swallow his stuff whole – in midair. A hard interview from CNN? Wow! Is the worm turning?