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Sometime today Obama will again attempt to convince his stupid followers that Radical Islamic Terrorism played no part in the deaths of 14 people at a Christmas Party Wednesday in San Bernardino. And the media [led by CBS] and his stupid followers will ignore the FACTS:  that Syed Rizwan Farook and his ‘wife’ Tashfeen Malik had […]

Dr. Ben Carson Stands His Ground

September 21st, 2015

The “Media” is determined to create ‘issues’ this election cycle,  – so they’re going to be tossing chunks of red meat into the pack of candidates,  – to see which ones will snap and bite. NBC’s Chuck Todd tossed some meat Sunday,  and Ben calmly answered him.  Still hoping to fire up a controversy,  – […]

Amateur Hour and Make-Believe ended suddenly in the rain Tuesday morning – outside a CVS in Roslindale, Massachusetts. Surveillance video below the fold: We’ll never know if Usaama Rahim set out that morning, – KA-BAR at his side to behead an unsuspecting Boston Cop, – if he envisioned dying before, during, or after his grizzly deed. […]

A Domestic Enemy Meets His Match

February 22nd, 2011

Islam has always been quick to denounce perceived enemies, and then attack them.  Over this past year LTC(Ret) Allen West has proven a formidable foe of radical Islam, mostly because he is so well versed in history, and because he is fearless when speaking out.  Thus he is coming under attack from Islamists who will […]