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RepubliCrat Wimps Will Cave

November 26th, 2012

Why? Career and 2014 Mid-Terms mean more than any Republican, Conservative, or Constitutional principles.  They’ll break their pledge to Norquist – and to you. They watched Allen West’s losing battle, – don’t want to be the next one branded ‘extreme‘, ‘racist‘ or ‘protecting the top 2%‘. They’ve been snake-bit and worn down, they’re simply tired […]

100 Days Left…

September 21st, 2012

  100 days… not until the election… but until Taxmageddon.  Time is running out and with everyone focused on the campaigns, it might be easy for this to slip by.  Don’t let it happen.  We must not let the current law expire.  It’s been in effect for a long time and we all count on […]

Hell Hath No Fury – Like A Bypassed MoonBat ! Somewhere in Washington tonight MoonBat Queen Pelosi in hanging from a rafter,  frothing at the mouth and fling profanity and dung at everything below.  Elsewhere Harry Reid is probably wondering why he bothered to run for re-election. An obviously fuming pResident Obama strode to the […]

Do You Feel Irrelevant?

November 19th, 2010

Tsongas Clings To The 2% Myth Once upon a time some Socialists set about seeing how they could start dividing up the American people.  They already knew they could pit city vs. country,  coastal dwellers vs. heartland,  gun owners vs. gun haters,  gay exhibitionists vs. Christian traditionalists,  and Red Sox vs. Damn Yankees.  But it […]