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When you hear Willard Mitt Romney speaking out against Trump, – try to remember back in 2016 – when he desperately wanted to be Trump’s Secretary of State! And remember before that – in early 2016,  when Willard came riding out of Utah to lead the Never-Trump RiNOs and Fake Republicans – in their attempt […]

It was back in May 2014 when RRB first reported on the sleazy Ukrainian Gas Deal that VP Biden arranged for his crooked drug-using son Hunter.  This video is him explaining how he later used your tax money to get an honest Ukrainian prosecutor fired from investigating the crooked deal. With all the hysteria and […]

If a Biden is involved, – you just know it’s dirty. The Ukraine is broke, and being invaded by Russia – allegedly over the “protection of Russian Nationals”, – and natural gas.  Young Son of Plugs has found a way to line his pockets. Hunter Biden is now on the Board of Directors of Burisma […]