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   …for ANYthing ‘relevant’ to campaign on. Again we have compelling evidence why Niki Tsongas is widely considered America’s 3rd Stupidest Congresswoman! With America suffering under the disruption and chaos caused by her Marxist Idol’s fourth year in power, and jobs departing Massachusetts EVERY DAY,  Niki goes down by the riverside for a photo-op and a […]

The Super Committee Failure Hoax

November 22nd, 2011

It was NEVER intended to work! It was an unconstitutional hoax designed to let Obama and the Senate Democrats buy time, then raise taxes at will. The Republicans were baited into agreeing to this fraud thinking their majority in the House meant they could control spending. The Socialists never had any intention of controlling spending. […]

PreZerO looked very orange tonight – maybe just bad make-up? Offered no positive suggestions.  Speech filled with gross exaggerations.   Accepted NO BLAME for the stalemate.    Still vilifying the rich ‘jet owners’. Offered no compromise – wants the deal on his terms. Calls Republican lawmakers ‘reckless and irresponsible‘   Obviously thinks he is King or […]

They say child abuse is a vicious cycle; – that the abused boy becomes an abusive man. So maybe Scott Brown was abused as a boy.  He sure is abusing the people who elected him to the US Senate.  Scott’s abusive nature showed itself today when he sent a letter to the Senate leaders of both […]