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It was twin protests – Boston and Brockton last night,  – and using different tactics the cops saved Charlie FAKER from a major humiliation.  He should thank them profusely! In Boston the crowd – perhaps already tired,  – was largely defused when the cops chose to ‘take a knee’.   25 miles south in Brockton,  cops […]

TEA Party immediately blamed! It’s going to be a very nasty election year.  Elizabeth ‘Dizzy Lizzy’ Warren got heckled today in Brockton by a man claiming to be out of work for 20 months.  He asked her to verify that she was ‘taking credit’ for the Occupy Wall Street movement. When she lied in her […]

Deval Patrick’s charade continues… Patriots needed to push back and demand that the governor uphold the law and honor his oath. WHERE: Massasoit College Conference Center, 770 Crescent Street [Rt 27 East] 11:30 AM.  Expect a mob.