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Good Guys Lose AGAIN At MassGOP

January 25th, 2017

Only the death of a close friend could be worse news for Massachusetts Republicans; – – the Mouseketeer – Kirsten Hughes – has been re-elected as Chair of the MassGOP. The vote was 46 : 30 : 1 : 1….   People who’d promised to vote for Steve Aylward, lied.  It seems Charlie Baker was making […]

Little wonder that RiNOs like Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, Ron Kaufman, Momma Kangas, the Mouseketeer, Jeb Bush, Willard, and John Kasich continue to make headlines,  – when local RTCs don’t even bother to acknowledge local elections or vet the Agenda 21 candidates for local office. RESULTS:    Only 360 of 14,512 registered voters showed up.   […]

Burke sent his neighbor Zack – age 21,  – to campaign for him but never bothered to tell him the rules. Typical Burke half-ass job – letting the kid take the hit!  Just like a Democrat!   You’d think that if Brian was sending Zack into my precinct this morning, – he’d have bothered to brief […]

MassGOP Housecleaning March 1st

February 16th, 2016

If you consider yourself a Patriot,  a Conservative,  and/or a Republican in Massachusetts,  – READ THIS BLOG ENTRY!  Then share it with your neighbors. It happens every 4 years – the Presidential Preference Primary;…and along with it some other elections most folk know nothing about.

Phony “Republicrats” too busy playing bridge with their Socialist friends to maintain their website, – even mention Tuesday’s Town Election…. Folks – this is precisely why Democrats rule this state and why Conservatives become fed up and move to New Hampshire and Texas. What’s your excuse this time David Stone?  Brian Burke,  Jeanne Kangas, – […]

Northborough Co-Chair writes a Smokin’ BOLD letter! If only more RTCs would stand up and fight these old guard cronies… Attorneys Brian Burke and Jeanne Kangas are the State Committee Critters from Middlesex & Worcester District; – Kangas has long been Vice-Chair of the MassGOP. They epitomize the ‘old guard‘.

Yet another tawdry chapter on the road to Mitt’s coronation in Tampa. I knew it would be ugly when I saw two cops riding herd on the ‘mob’. Tonight the ‘Allocation Committee’ of the MassGOP met in Marlborough under the ‘leadership’ of Ed McGrath.  To ensure Mitt’s wishes were adhered to, supervision was provided by Vice […]