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The Globalist stupidity runs strong in many of them. If England stays in the EU,  in just 20 years it will be a Muslim-majority country and Christians will be fleeing by the boatload.   But these fools don’t believe it!

Two charismatic leaders  – both shapers of History,  – and each with huge followings in each other’s homelands….just might plan to meet in London. But the English Globalists (very anti-Brexit) are as equally determined to nullify that Brexit vote as the Socialists and Democrats are determined to impeach Trump here.

You won’t hear about THIS speech on the media!   “The biggest enemy are those within our ranks – those who masquerade as conservatives.” “Even when you think you’ve won,   you have to go on fighting!”  53 minute video well worth your time!

Pat is talking to British socialists…. ….but he could be talking to Hillary’s supporters…

The stock market drops a ‘whopping’ 3.39%,  – and you’d think somebody dropped an atomic bomb on London… OK, the DOW drops 611 points,…just how jittery were investors when they went to bed Wednesday night?  Why hadn’t they already sold off?  I’m hardly an expert,  but it sure seems that folks with CASH are in […]

The working people most affected by 21st Century Globalism – have rebelled!   Obama’s “dire warning” probably turned the tide! Folks in England grew outraged at bureaucrats in Brussels telling them how many Muslims they have to take in…. This should help Trump,   – will make Hillary look even worse…

New Europe – the European Union – is fraying at the edges as the seams are being strained by hordes of Muslim ‘refugees’ and the terrorism they’ve brought.   Strong voices in England like UKIP leader Nigel Farage want to pull Britain out of the EU mess. Now know-it-all Obama comes to England to advise them […]