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Trump Up Early And WORKING!

December 2nd, 2019

Remember back in 2016 when his many detractors dismissed Trump as “just a reality show blowhard”?  Three years later they’re learning (to their chagrin / our delight) that he is an astute businessman able to juggle many balls at the same time. AND,  he keeps acting solely in the interest of the American People.  By […]

Every four years nations compete for the ‘honor’ of hosting both the summer and winter Olympic Games.  So much national prestige at stake, – hosting the games says your country – your city – ‘has arrived in the BIG TIME’. But in recent decades cities have lost tons of money hosting the Olympics, ….

Sometimes a single photo says it all: We still have troops in Iraq, fighting in Afghanistan, and now Libya. Our ally Japan is recovering from an 8.9 earthquake, Tsunami, and nuclear reactor explosions. The entire Islamic world is ablaze in revolutions. Here at home Obama’s freeze on oil drilling and his general anti-oil policies are […]