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Boston Betrays Crispus Attucks

September 29th, 2019

ChiCom advanced party infiltrators hoist the bloody flag that killed 60,000,000 Chinese people over Boston’s City Hall Plaza. Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Faker can no longer pretend and call themselves American Patriots; – they’re Socialist (commie) Globalists.  They SUCK!

You could easily fall victim Rachael.  Is THIS a case for your “Restorative Justice”?  Does the victim get a vote? Under DemoCraps,  Boston is fast becoming Newark and Chicago!

Can we get a little “Restorative Justice” here Ms. Rollins?  Maybe send these wayward shooters back to school for some classes in Trigonometry,  – to improve their aim…?   We’d like to avoid over-crowding our hospitals Ma’am… In keeping with Boston’s long sad history of embracing liberal ideas – and turning them into Public Policy,…how will […]

Where once young Patriots met under a huge pine tree,  – to plot a course of Freedom from the tyranny of an English King and his Parliament,… …today young people with no concept of God,  History,  or world events think they marched to squash and shut down “Hate Speech”… Americans,  I fear that we’re witnessing […]

The City has decided to END RACISM in the City of Boston;   they’re changing the name of that ‘racist’ street. We weren’t consulted on the NEW NAME, – but we have a suggestion….

Back in those days Massachusetts built things – in shipyards, mills, factories, and family-run shops,…employing tens of thousands of people working their way up into the middle class, – sending their kids off to colleges. Folks here voted Republican. Today the lead story in the Herald is Boston’s City Council suddenly facing a CRISIS – […]

How Democrats Clean Up Crime

August 30th, 2015

Parts of Boston have come to resemble the Third World,  and ooey-gooey left-wing softies would rather cater to the ‘differences’,  – hold an annual J’ouvert Parade,  – than do anything like tough anti-gang policing. Last year there was a brazen murder.  It happened again this year.   Quick!   Hose away that blood, – don’t want to […]

The Democrat-run city that can’t keep it’s trains running,  and can’t stop a homeless man from stealing the Bunker Hill Bridge lights;  – can’t begin to think about hosting Olympic Games. The guy who could get inside these towers could have filled them with a massive bomb.

The Liar Of Benghazi Is Coming!

October 17th, 2014

Because ~ somehow ~ our “See No Evil” Attorney General is running scared of the Fake Republican…? So next Friday Hillary – a lifetime liar and commie – will come to Boston to campaign for Martha.  It wouldn’t be happening if Hillary wasn’t already running for president. She killed Vince Foster and 4 Americans in […]

Who Will Stop America?

April 23rd, 2013

Just a week ago we were in the throes of agony and worry.  We were attacked, once again, by self-proclaimed Jihadists.  Liberals are now beside themselves trying to think of ways to twist the story, so that those responsible can look like victims, not mass killers.  All in the zeal to stop America from being […]