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Slow News Day Boston Herald?

October 15th, 2019

The once-conservative Herald is either having a slow news day, – or insiders there are secretly disgusted with the current crop of “12 Leading Democrats” attempting to unseat Trump next November. If they funded the poll,  we have to wonder who in NH they questioned,  – and if they provided any photographs to jog voter […]

Your once-proud Conservative-leaning paper has been sold to the highest bidder – and he likes to strip newspapers… The Herald’s headline announced the sale to Digital First Media,  – but they’re owned by reclusive billionaire Randall Duncan Smith,  founder of Alden Global Capital, LLC.   Randall – cares a LOT MORE about MONEY (and shielding his […]

The so-called “conservative” Boston paper seems to have joined the Clinton Cartel in ignoring the stories about the fixed debates and what is in the leaked emails…. They must think we are as STUPID as the Globe does….

The Boston Herald must be bent on keeping Conservatives bound,  gagged,  and stuffed in a locked closet.   Why else would they be touting Romney – after 2012? Mitt Romney is [mostly] a Gentleman, – a keen business strategist,  – and a humble and adoring father and grandfather.  He’s NOT a leader or a commander, – […]

For the second time in just 5 days – the so-called ‘Conservative Boston Paper’ is pushing a story about the “Draft Warren Campaign”.  Are they just anti-Hillary, – or have they secretly sold out to Soros? Sure there is a movement to elevate Warren.  With ZERO military or foreign affairs experience,  – ZERO experience fighting […]

The Herald’s Joe Battenfeld ran a piece today – a ‘Puff Piece’,  – to give credibility to the 2016 ambitions of Senator Squaw, – and a possible match-up against Mitt RiNO Romney. Geez… What could Joe ~ possibly ~ have in mind?  Is he trying to entice MassHole MoonBats to start buying the Herald?  Why […]

Or does the Boston Herald just assume they are?   Recent editorials and puff pieces suggest Democrats are ‘torn’ between Hillary [who they assume is ‘entitled to run’],  and the newest political darling of Progressive Womanhood – Senator Squaw.   The alleged angst among Democrats is that Hillary is seen as ‘too moderate’, – while Lyin’ […]

Our brave new world – where a snooty Harvard professor [Democrat/female] can make snide sexist remarks, but a sitting US Senator [Republican/male] gets pilloried for retorting. The question that began this back-and-forth was a designer set-up at Tuesday’s debate: “Scott Brown earned his way through college in part by posing for Cosmopolitan. How did you […]

The Obama Selloff

August 9th, 2011

Will it become known as ‘The Obama Crash‘? You know Obama is in deep shi, er, trouble when the Queen MoonBat of the Boston Herald – Margery Eagan, runs a piece entitled ‘We’ve Run Out Of Hope Obama‘ in which she [correctly] points out that yesterday his eyes darted from teleprompter to teleprompter – and […]

King Obama is an unhappy monarch. He’s just not getting the kind of love he needs. This makes him angry. He can be a really pissy twerp.Yesterday’s victim was the Boston Herald.