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Bankrupt, circulation shrinking, ad revenue plummeting, and on the auction block, – the ever-liberal Boston Globe turns on one of it’s first-born children. Ideologically, Ed Markey is the Globe’s dream candidate, – a man with no inner core, eager to vote for every hair-brained scheme and every tax increase.  But now…they need to sell newspapers,

For their entire lives the liberal crew of the Boston Globe have been PAID to be Liberal. Now the NY Times – itself bankrupt – is fixing to sell this money-losing swampland to – whoever wants it.  Rupert Murdock might want it.  So might al Jazeera – who just paid mega-millions for Al Gore’s Current […]

Our brave new world – where a snooty Harvard professor [Democrat/female] can make snide sexist remarks, but a sitting US Senator [Republican/male] gets pilloried for retorting. The question that began this back-and-forth was a designer set-up at Tuesday’s debate: “Scott Brown earned his way through college in part by posing for Cosmopolitan. How did you […]

 Will We Have To Hold Our Noses – Again? If Massachusetts Republicans are sitting around feeling content or even smug about Scott Brown’s victory, they better think again. Our governor’s race is about to get REAL nasty, – so very different from the crisp good vs evil Brown / Coakley contest.