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You get invited into the Oval Office to witness the President sign a Historic Bill,  – and your best shot is to try to embarrass him…? You thought you were so much smarter?  You thought he wouldn’t see it coming?  Short video below the fold:

An IDEA To Break The Impasse

January 3rd, 2019

The news Wednesday was enough to make a Conservative turn to drink,… …the Syria pullout,  the Bump Stock Decision,  and Trump’s apparent cave on a government shutdown for Christmas.  I needed to think:

Kyle Olson and the American Mirror has done a nice piece of reporting – on the 10-foot wall surrounding the Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York mansion. What intruders does she fear,…fans,…media,…assassins,…ISIS,…the Sinaloa Drug Cartel,…job seekers…Arabs with cases of cash?

Ouch!  Sure looks like the Donald has gotten inside the head of former Mexican President Vicente Fox…. Remember that under President Fox,  Mexico gave people a pamphlet of instructions on how to cross the border and what free benefits to apply for…. 40-second video below the fold:

Pope Francis is visiting in Mexico; held a mass at the south side of the border. Then he called Trump “not Christian” for wanting to build a wall.   But,..the Vatican – where the Pope lives,  – is surrounded by very high walls….