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Border Patrol Getting New Boss

January 27th, 2017

They were quick to endorse Candidate Trump;  – now they get their reward,  – their despised Obama-appointed outsider boss has been booted! And it sure didn’t take long – just 7 days.

His rumored pending appointment of Heather Fong to lead our Border Patrol signals his total disregard of America’s safety and sovereignty.  Yeah,  he hates us! His left-wing 21st Century World Socialist fan club will be thrilled – our borders guarded by a woman who champions Sanctuary Cities, – and who doesn’t believe there are ‘illegal […]

We see the depths of his cynicism and depravity at a Border Patrol station in Nogales. He’s using kids in a psychological warfare game – to break the will to resist of the anti-amnesty forces. He doesn’t care if these kids are ever reunited with their parents.