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Tell Us Again Nikki Haley….

January 16th, 2016

…tell us again Barack Hussein Obama…why we shouldn’t consider these daily, – nightly worldwide acts of terrorism as ‘Mainstream Muslim Behavior‘… PLEASE explain – in simple terms mind you, – that the “un-Holy Qur’an” doesn’t really command all Muslim believers to seek out and kill non-believers…

147 Dead Kenyan Students,   21 Copts in Libya… Mister pResident – can you explain your anti-terrorism strategy again? So many different groups, – what do they all have in common?

It’s Time To Impeach Obama!

February 19th, 2015

This anti-American Manchurian candidate has worn out his welcome and the patience of Americans, – who are no longer cowed into acquiescence by the threat of being labeled ‘racist’. Obama has had six (6) years to learn the job – and to lead America. He has utterly failed! I don’t want another lecture about race, […]

Really Obama? Rashad Hussain?

February 19th, 2015

If Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. appoints Rashad Hussain to head America’s new “Counterterrorism Messaging Center”,…should we be amused,  concerned, or downright suspicious? Mind you, this guy – with Muslim Brotherhood ties – has been part of Obama’s White House inner Circle of Trusted Muslims since 2009…. The Muslim Brotherhood has been carefully erasing his footprints […]

State Police Arrest 17 Commies

January 15th, 2015

Peaceful protest and petition for redress of grievances is fully protected by our 1st Amendment. Maybe being a dumb-ass is too….? But blocking traffic is NOT “peaceful protest”, – it becomes life-threatening public endangerment. Do it on an Interstate Highway – like I-93, – and the Feds may have jurisdiction. And they were protesting the […]

It is to appear very different from Bush. Period! Caught is a 5-year web of his own lies, misstatements, stupid remarks, and ill-timed photo-ops, our Muslim-in-Chief will now pretend to lead [still from behind] a war on ISIS. He will still call them ‘ISIL’.

Is she just another apologist for all things Islamic, – or is she too stupid to grasp basic facts? She wants to be sure that “Islam is not confused with these horrible terrorist acts” [committed by Boko Haram]. Please, explain yourself Jeanne…

Suddenly Black Girls – in Africa – are of concern? After 5 years and 3 months in the White House, – she’s concerned about girls in Nigeria – 5,600 miles away? What about the young girls of Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, or a hundred other poverty-stricken American cities? If Nigerian […]

29 kids shot – some buried alive. Will liberals demand new gun laws? Yeah, it was far away from here – a tiny hamlet on the southern edge of the Sahara – Mamudo, Nigeria. Black Islamic savages – the Boko Haram – a nasty group steeped in the idea that Western education is a sin […]