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Two crashes – by 3rd World Carriers (Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Air Flight 302) are about to ground 387 planes world-wide! Your travel plans just got SCREWED!  Now WATCH,  as Democrats and RiNOs use tragedy to exert even more control over the Aviation Industry,  – while they wait for Boeing to grease their […]

Wise workers know that long-term job security can’t be bought with union dues;  – it comes from repeat orders from satisfied customers! Boeing has received 149 orders from nine airlines across the globe.  No union can deliver that kind of job security!

Union organizers are a few steps lower than pimps,  democrats,  and street pushers;…a wholly scurrilous lot of two-legged lying weasels. They were recently met by true “Southern Hospitality” when they were invited OFF the front porch of some Boeing employees, – at gunpoint!

  “Gimme 10 planes a month – with overtime – or else!”   When push comes to shove – the Obama Cartel does both. Boeing has made a $2 Billion investment in a second production line for their new 787 Dreamliner – in right-to-work South Carolina. Suddenly Obama’s NLRB says they can’t build airplanes there. […]