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Thank You Bobby Jindal!

November 17th, 2015

Governor Jindal has suspended his quest for the presidency. Always the underdog,  he ran a clean issue-focused campaign,  and continues to do an outstanding job as Governor of Louisiana,  – having cleaned up the mess left to him by that blithering idiot grandmother Kathleen Blanco. Bobby would make an outstanding SecEnergy or SecInterior in the […]

Democrat Mayor Joe Curtatone has boldly made his tiny city of Somerville, MA into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. He’s defiant about it. He recently challenged the Governor to “come get him”.

Deval has been going all around the world on ‘trade missions’ * – allegedly trying to drum up business for Massachusetts manufactured goods.  But the only thing we have a surplus of is Liberal MoonBats – and nobody wants any of them. Meanwhile Republican Governor Bobby Jindal just announced another manufacturing plant for rural Louisiana – […]