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Once again RRB is indebted to our good friend – Conservative blogger Bob Parks of for going past the surface noise and showing the truth, – about what Cliven said, – and how the George Soros outfit Media Matters deliberately twisted it. Cliven may not be a trained political orator or public speaker, – […]

Bob Parks Nails A Dumb-Ass

December 31st, 2013

There are only three (3) Congresswomen nastier or dumber than the 76-year old Congresswoman from Washington DC – Eleanor Holmes Norton. Bob Parks exposes her ignorance. Are the folks of DC well-represented? Thanks Bob!

Straight Talk From Bob Parks

August 29th, 2013

RRB has been proud to call Bob a friend for years.  I have been ruthless in ‘borrowing’ stories and leads from his blog. He is fearless in his analysis of people and events.  Stay strong Bob! 

A well-earned CONGRATULATIONS to Bob Parks on having reached over one million visitors and over 2 million page loads on .   His piercing wit,  his extraordinary breadth of vision,  his depth of knowledge, and his uncompromising relationship with the Truth has made me a regular reader.  And sometimes I pilfer his ideas. Theft is the sincerest […]