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In MassHole, keeping cops alive is NOT a Democrat priority!   But keeping you DISARMED, – and Planned Murderhood open and funded, – IS. Thomas Latanowich – age 29, – 111 prior convictions, “violent and dangerous”,  – ambushed a cop and shot him in the head Thursday.  We have NO Death Penalty,  – so we’ll […]

A 7-year old boy – beaten and starved under the uncaring eyes of your DFC, – lies in a coma… And right now – so does your governorship!

As Bob DeLeo and the Mass KleptocRATS consider their new anti-gun legislation [“sob…in the wake of Sandy Hook – 17½ months ago,…sob…” ], consider a few cold-blooded FACTS! Then share with your gun-phobic and MoonBat friends. Really, they need to THINK this time, not react with emotions. Oh, and all you MoonBats who think I’m making […]

Want “tougher gun laws”?  Bring back the DEATH Penalty! So Bob, the Sandy Hook Massacre – committed by an insane man (and registered Democrat) – happened 14 Dec 2012.  If we are to ~ believe ~ that your gun law is anything other than a political smoke screen – why did it take you 17½ […]