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No sooner does Crooked China Joe kill the pipeline (so his donor Warren Buffett can keep getting richer) – than Mother Nature bitch-slaps his weed-smoking Democrat voters in Colorado. It was the second time since Biden’s Executive Order that Mother Nature punished Denver.

Damned tough to claim you’re “fighting for the Middle Class”,  – when the guy endorsing you is worth $63 BILLION! If a schemer like Warren Buffett fears Trump enough to back the Evil Shrew,  – you know the fat cats are now taking Donald seriously.   AND you can see that the Democrats are NO LONGER the […]

She’s made up her mind;  – “Most voters are downright stupid!” “Screw American energy independence;  – screw those unions!”   There are way more Green Weenies about to vote than Construction Union hardhats.

Remember when SecState Hillary Clinton first canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline – on ‘environmental grounds’?  That was back in Nov 2011.  She was ‘protecting’ the Ogallala Aquifer, – remember? Back then we told you that it WASN’T about protecting the aquifer, – it was about making Billionaire Democrat contributor Warren Buffet – RICHER!   Today […]