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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley is from Boston,  a member of “The Squad”,  and she is as anti-White and hate-filled as any of the Race Pimps. Because right now hate sells better than healing or unity,  – expect to hear this kind of rant from Pressley on a regular basis.  The media needs this kind of ranting […]

Until judges start handing out severe sentences for trespass, bullying, terrorism, and menacing. BLM thugs will get bolder and more obnoxious by the day.  Go everywhere ARMED! Scary video below the fold: 

Mayor Hyphenated’s groveling video apology to BLM hasn’t tamed the Beast,  so the Governor has called up the Guard. At RRB we wonder at “Liberal Logic” – which compels some people to bow,  kneel,  wash feet,  and apologize,  – first for slavery which ended 155 years ago,  – then ‘for any words which may have […]

Openly gay Democrat Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter was jumped and beaten by the statue-toppling mob Tuesday night in Madison. They probably had no clue who he was,  – just an older white guy out in the street,  – no cops around to protect him,  – an easy target.   Can we venture a guess that […]

Chicago,  Minneapolis,  Charlotte,  Seattle, – the body count is piling up faster than they can make coffins. Do you suppose the mayors will all blame “GUNS”???

Soros is after complete anarchy,  – so if his expendable gullible cannon fodder shoot each other along the way,  – it actually HELPS!

In his desperate bid to remain a relevant figure in America’s race struggle,  Tax-Dodger and lifelong race-baiter Al Sharpton came to Tulsa Friday – “Juneteenth”. He should be deeply embarrassed by the tiny crowd he drew. He didn’t come to offer help or healing,  – he just bashed Trump.  video:

The Mayor of Olympia Washington (the State Capitol) took care to tell local merchants to board up their windows before the BLM protests…. Then she learned the hard way that BLM isn’t about “winning over hearts and minds”;  – it’s all about instilling FEAR!

In the beginning,  Socialism is the politics of Envy and Greed.  In the end, – when it has totally destroyed a nation,  – like Greece,  Cuba,  Venezuela, or France,  – it is STILL the politics of Envy, Greed, and the Uneducated Lazy, – willing to destroy,  – but unwilling to work. SCARY VIDEO below the […]