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We can now see the 2020 Election Strategy of the Democrat Party aided by their media allies, – the Chinese News Network:  “Everybody is a VICTIM – and it’s all Trump’s fault…”. Four years ago we joked that CNN stood for the Clinton News Network.   We were short-sighted;  they’ve always been the ChiComm News Network,  […]

Biden got a softball interview from NPR,…and blew it! “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest.  Nobody warned me about that.  They should have told me.” He’s the “Great White Hope” of the Democrap Party – the best they’ve got…?

Seems Obama still needs SOMEBODY to BLAME,  – so he is ascribing guilt and punishing the Russians. Gee,  wasn’t he just promising them ‘more flexibility’? Each and every thing Obama has touched in 8 years has turned to shit;  – and most of it will soon be overturned by Trump’s executive orders and a Republican Congress.  […]

The outgoing would-be dictator thought he was the “Leader of the Government”.   He intended to make significant changes,  – and he had higher ambitions. Our new President understands he is OUR leader,   – that our nation is in crisis and being invaded by both poor Mexican peasants and 7th Century religious killers.   He seems to […]

Now Others Are Asking!

March 13th, 2010

When us old white guys ask these questions – or even bring up the subject, – we get called “racists” or “birthers“.   So go ahead,  – pin a label on this young lady why don’t you?!?