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The Ladies were before the House Judiciary Committee to testify about Facebook censoring Conservative content.  The Democrats thought they could make a case that the ladies were paid liars…. At issue is that some Democrat House staffer spent A LOT OF TIME searching the Trump Campaign Reports,  – and found a single line item – […]

Lives experienced in half-measure – always waiting for pan scrapings and table scraps,  in exchange for selling their souls at the ballot box every two years. Most Black American voters today cannot bring themselves to speak openly about their disappointment and inner anger at the utter failure of their “First Black President” to do any […]

Yes, disturbing violent video below the fold:

DEAR LORD,  please grant that a year from today we have been delivered from the crushing stupidity of America’s grubbing class of lazy welfare peasants and the leaching Democrats who keep them enslaved! Our nation, – which in my lifetime liberated over 100 million souls from dictators and oppression, – should not continue to be […]

Bill Whittle’s essay is almost too blunt for Sunday morning….but it’s all true! Listen closely in the next few weeks and see if Bernie Sanders or Hillary ever speak about the corruption of the Black Democratic inner city warlords…..  You won’t,  because those are the overseers of their Black Voter Plantation….

Video below the fold: