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Because naming a law after a dead thug is SO important to racial advancement? Because a ‘hallowed martyr’ will help fund-raising?  Because they need to prove they can still bully gutless mindless liberals in Congress?  How many inner city Black kids might such a law save – given the current Black-on-Black murder rate in Chicago? Chicago […]

When you’ve lost the Black Queen of Socialism – you’ve REALLY lost support!  Happy vacation on Martha’s Vineyard Barack!

Should our PreZerO be up for the Nobel Prize in Economics? After all, in just 2½ short years he has managed to get our National Credit Rating DOWNGRADED – for the FIRST TIME in HISTORY!!! AND he has added 25,000,000 to the Nation’s Welfare Rolls.  45.8 Million Americans (15%) on Food Stamps, – a remarkable […]

Obama Hurts Blacks The Most

July 29th, 2011

Black unemployment in double digits! Are America’s Black voters waking up    – or do they need another 4 years of this? We know many of them thought they were voting for salvation and reparations. Many thought the MEssiah was the second coming. They saw his skin color and big city cool.  They looked no […]

Are we seeing the beginning a summer of racial mob attacks? Columbia, SC: 18-year old white jogger attacked and savagely beaten by 8 teenage black youths. Peoria, IL: A mob of 60-70 black youths rampage down West Thrush to Sheridan, the Altamont Park neighborhood, – stopping cars and threatening pedestrians “We’re going to kill all […]