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As this Very Tall Commie Turd was sworn in New Year’s Day 2014,  he began bad-mouthing the NYPD, – telling the crowd how he worried that his Black son might be profiled and mistreated. Now 6½ years later,  it’s not the Police he needs to worry about,  – it’s the never-ending surge of Black-on-Black murders….  […]

Live by the ‘Gangsta Code’ – you’ll die that way! It happens daily across this troubled land, – teenagers dress and act like street thugs – and buy into more trouble than they can handle. This past Wednesday in Lynn, MA – it happened again.

Atlanta? Newark? NYC? Queens? Brooklyn? There is a massive teacher / principal / superintendent cheating scandal breaking in Atlanta. Teachers were systematically changing test answers on standardized tests – to make the schools look better. What’s clear is that ‘Dr. Hall’ has robbed tens of thousands of kids of a better future. Atlanta will bear […]