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Very sad!   Despite 8 long years of having a Black Governor in her state,  a Black Suffolk County Sheriff and a Black DA (currently touring Europe),  two Black Attorney Generals,  and a 2-term Black President,  – freshman Massachusetts 7th CD Congresswoman (Boston) Ayanna Pressley rubs more salt in America’s racial wounds. In her questioning of witnesses […]

Protesting NFL players just managed to piss off their #2 Fan Family…taking a knee during the National Anthem at the Colts-49ers game today. Nothing like being in-your-face about claiming your petty and imagined grievances with police are more important than showing respect for our Flag and our War Dead.

It was a Free Speech event featuring the ACLU last week at William & Mary College,  and Black Lives Matter decided to shut it down,  – as a demonstration of their in-your-face power. But in their fascist zeal,  some in the group were shouting something far more disturbing.

After 8 long years of having our First Black President – WHY are some people still behaving like this…? RIP:  Willie O. Geer – age 72.  You probably didn’t deserve to die like this.  Stunning video below the fold:

Cincinnati a city of just under 300,000,  is 42% Black.  Currently the 65th largest US city,  it has lost over 200,000 people since it’s heyday in 1950. The last 15 mayors (since 1971) have been Democrats ( four Charterites).  So what prompts someone to empty a pistol into the crowd at a Black Nightclub?

We know you can multiply Antonio;  – 12 kids so far by 8 different baby-mommas;…and you owe $336,000 in back child support… So tell us Dumbass,  – how you gonna’ pay,  – when the Colts just let you go for disrespecting our Nation Anthem – in LONDON!

17-year old wannabe gang-bangers find a gun,  – have no clue how to use it,  and Frazier shoots and kills Hunter.  Then ‘overcome with grief’? – – kills himself. I say both were doomed from birth – by parents who insisted they have an ‘African Identity’,  – and stuck them with fake African names.

A student departs Hoover High in Fresno, California – and J-walks,  – attracting the attention of a young cop who stopped him,  – perhaps just to give him a verbal… But in the Age of Obama, Holder, & Lynch,  some young Blacks seem to feel they can ignore the police. Here the youth resists – for […]

Right under Obama’s approving nose they block streets and sidewalks in Washington DC on Wednesday. Police Chief tells cops to “…stand down – arrest nobody”.

…what led Micah Johnson to such a pathetic and savagely wasted life? If he was committed to saving Black lives,  why wasn’t Micah standing in front of Planned Parenthood trying to save Black babies?   Why, instead of returning home a combat hero from Afghanistan,  – did he return as an army reject with charges of sexual […]