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She’s got a track record of picking the losing sides,  and of suing big names to make big headlines – on our dime! Now she’s suing President Trump for rolling back another of Obama’s illegal executive orders.   At issue?  She’s demanding “FREE birth control for everybody!”

Fat Chicks BEWARE!!

November 25th, 2013

In the interest of domestic tranquility – we cautiously report that Plan B [the so-called ‘morning after’ birth control pill that Democrats are determined to let teenagers have] doesn’t seem to work on large ladies – gals over 176 lbs. Yes, we’re well aware that the headline may seem ~ a little insensitive ~ even […]

At 30, Sandra Fluke’s eggs are beginning to age. What will she tell her kids about her 2012 escapades and notoriety? The ‘Monica Lewinsky’ of the Obama Administration will likely graduate from Georgetown Law, ~ may ~ not get one of the better job offers [well, Gloria Allred might hire her], and will likely fade […]