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A brief history lesson that the ‘Blame Bush’ crowd will try to ignore, – until some jihadi is severing their heads… Obama IS the vacuum into which the jihadis are coming – even here in the USA. Some of our more stupid and naïve citizens are even welcoming them. Anybody remember why Christopher Columbus sailed WEST?

Forward this to all your remaining Obamaphiles and Clintonistas. If up to now you couldn’t follow the details, – this will sicken you!

This is bound to offend Democrats – IF they can actually understand Bill’s vocabulary… And YES, very sadly,…British hospitals have been burning aborted babies, – and God only knows what else…  This is the system that your Democrats really want to bring here – as the ‘single-payer’ follow-on to ObamaCare.

Add to your jury those 55 million unborn murdered babies…..

Bill Whittle – as perhaps you’ve never heard him before.  Stay with him! You might want to forward this link to your State Committee critters…

Over three years ago – as the Obama Cartel was beginning their evil work, and RRB was just getting started, I called your attention to the evil plan the Cartel was working on vis-à-vis guns, drugs, immigrants, and our Mexican Border. Some dismissed me as ‘just bitter over the election’. Others were harsher. OK, so […]