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Most all RRB readers fully know and understand the racism that is the core of the Democrat Party, – but we have regular liberal visitors to the Blog who are clueless. Kids today – even in high school and college – get a very different and skewed version; – so please make sure your kids […]

The ‘Movement’ is NOT spontaneous!   Bill Whittle again produces another outstanding and historically correct Firewall video to help you see through the media smoke screen…. By now regular RRB readers are fully aware the “media” is misleading and deceiving you – on a daily basis.

Bill Whittle’s essay is almost too blunt for Sunday morning….but it’s all true! Listen closely in the next few weeks and see if Bernie Sanders or Hillary ever speak about the corruption of the Black Democratic inner city warlords…..  You won’t,  because those are the overseers of their Black Voter Plantation….

Why Klavan doesn’t hate Obama,  ….and why Whittle does… Some juicy red meat for American Patriots – 8-minute video below the fold.

Bill Whittle succinctly sums up what we’ve been watching:  “…he is the assented wet dream of [the liberal media]”… “…money for influence raw naked graft at the intersection of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation….”

“BE PREPARED!”  With what looks like a nasty summer brewing,  now IS the time to stock up on food, water, ammo, batteries, toilet paper, rope and wire ties, – and if you live along a fault zone – an earthquake kit in your vehicle. We can all ‘hope’ for the best and pray for deliverance, […]

Because he fears well-armed battle-tested Patriots who will fight to Uphold, Protect, and Defend the Constitution…. He’s much more comfortable in the company of gays, transgenders, sissies, sycophants, and incompetents….

Bill’s video below the fold – very well done! Enjoy!

Why Obama Won’t Be Impeached

December 11th, 2014

Bill Whittle explains how Obama and Holder are using the Ferguson race riots to keep Americans scared about the possible Black reaction to impeachment proceedings.

A Quick Russian History Lesson

August 11th, 2014

Scary stuff Obama never learned – and doesn’t care a bit about…