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Obama must be laughing his ass off this morning. Slow Joe comes out of Iowa with 95 fewer actual votes than that drunken turncoat Bill Weld, – who endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket in 2008,  – then endorsed Romney in 2012,  – but opposed Trump and ran as the Libertarian VP with Gary Johnson in 2016. […]

The drunken RiNO (i.e. FAKE Republican) raised just $688K in Q2,  – which divided by 7,000 donors ≈ just $98.28 each…. “Campaign Manager” Stuart Stevens may be just milking this gig,  – he has history…

Two of the most despicable liars in the nation both want to defeat Trump and become President.  Can anything be more absurd? More absurd?  They were both elected here in MassHole!  Somebody in NH should ask Bill how he enjoyed his time as US Ambassador to Mexico!

Weld: New Hairdo, Same Old RiNO!

February 16th, 2019

There isn’t an honest bone in his body, nor a Republican value he won’t find a way to betray…. His biggest problem is that he’s always felt he was the smartest guy in the room, – even when he was hammered. He was at Saint Anselm’s in NH Friday to announce his ‘Exploratory Committee’ – […]

Bill just had a very bad day in Orlando – at the 2016 Libertarian Convention – where he was booed by the crowd. At RRB we think his necktie didn’t help his image….

Seeing Bill Weld’s RiNO face on the Herald yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder….

The betrayals and back-stabbings never seem to end….William ‘RiNO’ Weld, – who endorsed Obama in ’08, – endorses John Kasich – “. …a born executive”… At RRB we’re surprised he didn’t endorse Bernie…         POS!

OMG!    What a ‘Surprise’!    Not! Bill Weld is the PERFECT Democrat,   a totally transparent RiNO, – and not even a smidgen of a Republican.  The best words to describe him are “Self-serving opportunist”.

The MassGOP – in a RARE show of backbone – voted last night to rebuke back-stabbing RiNO traitor Bill Weld for his several recent, conspicuous, and damaging endorsements of Democrats in the recent mid-term election. This was the ONLY piece of business conducted – beyond the hollow series of self-congratulations to Loddi, Doddy, and Everybody […]